Fortitoken 300

The Fortitoken 300 is a cryptographic token identical to the epass2003 but with a unique ATR which makes it usable only with the Fortitoken middleware which is available on the Fortinet support site.

I should caution that using this token in Linux with pkcs15-init will reset the ATR making it unusable with the Fortitoken software.

The Fortitoken middleware for linux comes with precompiled executables for certificate administration as well as the library required to access the token from various programs. I start by moving to /usr/lib

The executables “pkimanager” and “pkimanager_admin” can be run directly to import your certificates.

Instructions to set up Firefox to use the token can be found here.

An example of using the Fortitoken 300 for wireless authentication against NPS or Fortiauthenticator can be found here.

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