Smart switch wiring compatibility

The first thing to do when thinking about installing smart switches such as the TP-Link HS200 or the Wemo smart switch in your home is determining which switch outlets in your home will be compatible with a smart switch. Does power go through the light or through the switch?

A smart switch will require power in order to maintain wireless connectivity and as such will need Live/Hot (Black wire), Neutral (White wire) and ground (bare wire). The second Live/Hot wire on the smart switch provides power to the light when it’s switched on.

If power comes through the light switch outlet such as below then it’s compatible with these smart switches.


If power comes through the light first and the light switch outlet is only used for switching such as below then you’re out of luck. Please note that although the switch is connected to the white wire that white wire is actually Live/Hot when the switch is turned on.


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