OTA TV streaming for your house

If you are a Cable TV cord cutter like I am there will likely be times when you’ll want to record some of that OTA content or even wish you could stream TV to your phone or tablet across your home network. SiliconDust makes network-attached TV tuners, one the their latest the HDHomeRun Plus (HDTC-2US) also transcodes to H264 so you can actually stream to your phone or tablet. This new unit also supports DLNA and can be accessed via RTP stream over HTTP.

The HDTC-2US has connections for power, ethernet and cable coax. Getting it set up is as simple as connecting power, the ethernet port to your switch or router and the coax connector to your antenna.

Next find which IP address your DHCP server gave it so you can connect to the web interface:

First this to set up is scan for channels, this will ensure that you can access all channels if using the HDHomeRun View app on your tablet/phone.

Next set the default transode profile, “mobile” is a good setting here.

You should now be ready to use the HDHomeRun View app that’s available on Google Play.

Streams can also be accessed via the web page:

http://<IP address>:5004/auto/v<channel>?transcode=<transcode profile>


I’ve enumerated the transcode profiles here.

I’ve listed my very basic pvr script here

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