Set up a web proxy with Squid

One of the main reasons I wanted to set up a VPS based in the US was so that I could proxy my web connections so as to appear to be located in the US. This is particularly useful for viewing the US content on Netflix.

You’ll want to configure Squid to allow your home and/or work IP but not allow anybody else, unless you want to be an open proxy. Under the “acl” section of squid.conf you want to define your allowed addresses:

acl home src x.x.x.x/32
acl work src y.y.y.y/32

Next we’ll allow connections from those addresses under the http_access sections:

http_access allow locahost   <--- This was an existing entry
http_access allow home
http_access allow work

Main settings to look for in squid.conf to hide real IP addresses:

forwarded_for delete


via off

If you also want to obscure your browser headers to make it more difficult to identify your OS etc. try the following:

request_header_access User-Agent deny all
header_replace User-Agent Purdon/1.2 (Ubuntu;x11)

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