802.1x wifi iPad authentication (via FortiAuthenticator)

In this example I will be setting up wifi certificate authentication for the iPad against the FortiAuthenticator.

The Fortigate wireless controller has a WAP2 Enterprise SSID pointing to the FortiAuthenticator as radius server.

An iPad local account is created on the Fortiauthenticator, a certificate binding for that user is configured to match the CN of the certificate we will create ion the next step.

Under Certificate Management create a new user certificate for the iPad with CN matching the iPad name.

Export this certificate and the FortiAuth CA used for EAP auth.

Fire up the iPhone Configuration utility and plug in the iPad, import the certificate to this computer.

Create a new configuration profile. Under the “credentials” section add the iPad certificate and the CA certificates.

Under the “Wifi” section set the Fortigate configured SSID, select the iPad certificate as the identity Certificate under Enetrprise Settings –> Authentication

Under Devices in the Utility tool, install the profile… You should now be able to authenticate to wifi via certificate.

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