Under Counter Fridge

One of the last things I got done in finishing the main living area of our basement was putting some cabinets in. We planned for a sink and a full size under counter fridge. After installing the cabinets and the sink and leaving the 24 inch opening for the fridge I started researching which fridge to get. I was in for quite a surprise, there is a big difference in price between regular bar fridges which vary greatly in size and the true under counter fridges. It seems most full size (5.8-6 cubic feet) under counter fridges range in price from $1200-$2400, these fridges differ from regular bar fridges in that they vent out front and therefore can be built it and require very little clearance on the sides, top and back.

After reading some bad reviews on the few cheaper “Beverage cooler” models ($500 range) I had all but given in to spending $1000+ on my under-counter fridge.

Then I came across the GE 6.0 Cubic Feet Spacemaker Compact Refrigerator (GMR06AAZWWC) at Home Depot. This model is white so matches our cabinets nicely although it does come in black as well. I should mention that I would have ordered from Home Depot but the $49 delivery fee detracted me and I ended getting Best Buy to price match as they had free delivery.

Online specs I found mentioned needing 1 inch clearance on top (which I do have) however the manual received with the unit says this one can be built-in with no clearance on the top and sides and 1 inch in back. Here are some pix on the fridge:

The unit fits quite nicely under the counter:

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