Fortimail – Free/Busy with Thunderbird

When using a Fortimail in server mode you can share out your Free/Busy information so other users can schedule around your availability.

In this example the Free/Busy URL is shared with a Thunderbird user.

First log into the Fortimail webmail portal. Expand Calendar and right-click on your personal calendar to open the properties.

Next make sure “Allow public access” is checked off, this enables the Free/Busy URL link which you’ll give out to others.

Next the Free/Busy URL needs to be configured in another users Thunderbird. Please note that the Lightning and Free/Busy addons should be installed in Thunderbird.

Enter the e-mail address and the Free/Busy URL into the Free/Busy addon settings tab as below:


Now when scheduling a meeting with that user you can see if there’s a scheduling conflict.

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