TP-Link TL-WR702N travel router

The TP-Link TL-WR702N travel router/AP is the perfect travel companion for your wireless needs when staying in hotels.

This unit ships in AP mode by default meaning that connecting to the SSID will bridge the connection to the WAN interface. This would be perfectly acceptable in your home environment but in a hotel where each wireless device will need to get through the captive portal (disclaimer) it’s nice to have this in router/NAT mode where you’ll only need to authenticate to the captive portal upon first access. Here are some steps to configuring this unit. Now is a good time to grab the latest firmware file from the TP-Link website.

The default IP address of the unit is, in AP mode this is not accessible via wireless. Connect the WAN interface to your desktop/laptop and set the IP address on this PC to something in the 192.168.0.x range (such as, next connect to the AP via web browser at

Upgrade to the latest firmware build now before beginning to configure. After the unit finishes upgrading log back in and switch from AP mode to Router mode. This will require another reboot….

This time connect the AP WAN port into your home/work network and connect to the AP via the default SSID TP-LINK_xxxx and password as found on the back of the unit.

You’ll want to change the SSID….

…. and the WPA2 preshared key…

If custom DNS is required for a redirect service like Unblock-US enter it her..

Firewall rules can be enabled.

If using a DNS redirect service with the Chromecast then blocking Google’s public DNS will be necessary….



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